Health4All Assist

Herminix Health4All Assist is a basket of benefits exclusively available to registered members. Health4All is not a Medical Aid Scheme and do not replace any Medical Aid benefits. Health4All is a Health Assist Membership Program.

Benefit Overview

The following benefits is included in all options available to members and is administrated by Herminix (Pty) Ltd.

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Special Notes

Benefits Primary Care Benefits Hospital Care Wellness Programme
eCoupons monthly
GP Consultations Unlimited
In-Patient Hospital Treatment Accident Only
Pap Smears
Legal Assist Line
GP Procedures
In-Patient Hospital Stabilisation Emergency Only
Vaccination Programme
Bail Assist up to R6,000
Nurse Consultations Unlimited
Out-Patient Casualty Treatment Accident Only
Terms and conditions apply
Credit Investigation Services
Specialist Consultation
MRI & CT Scans Accident Only
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Acute Medication
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapists
Emergency Medical Services
Chronic Medication
Accidental Death Benefit
Trauma & Bereavement Line
Basic & Emergency Dentistry Treatment
Emergency Services
HIV Prevention Program
Medical advisory services Line
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Cell-based Treatment
Waiting Periods - Waiting periods terms and conditions apply

Frequently asked questions

Contact the Unity Health call centre on 0861 366 006 for a list of providers close to where the

member lives or works. Make an appointment with the provider and ensure the member presents their Unity Health membership card and ID when they arrive for the consultation. You may also search for a provider using the Unity Health app or the member can log into their member portal and search for a provider online.

The Unity Health call centre is open during the following times:

• Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:00 and • Saturdays: 08:00 to 13:00

• In the case of emergencies after hours call ER24 on 087 135 1248.

Call the Unity Health call centre on 0861 366 006 and ask for a provider request form. Fill out the form with the member’s GP details and email to Unity Health at Unity Health will contact the member’s GP and advise the member whether the GP decided to join or not.

The member has access to the Unity Health website portal. The member has to go onto and register to gain access to search for a provider close to them via the Unity Health unique GEO mapping tool. The member can also contact Unity Health on 0861 366 006 or email at Unity Health will forward the member a list of providers closest to them.

Unity Health provides their members with the options to download a mobile app. The Unity Health app offers useful features such as:

1. An emergency button for easy emergency assist;

2. Tracking the member’s GP visits, medication, and other claims;

3. Finding the member’s closest GP, Dentists or Optometrist;

4. The member’s digital membership card with their membership details;

5. A useful summary of the member’s plan details, benefits and limits;

6. The member’s personal details;

7. Contact details for any enquiries;

The dispensing provider will provide the member’s medication during their consultation and they will not need a script to go to the pharmacy. A non-dispensing provider will provide the member a script during their consultation and they will need to go to a Mediscor pharmacy to collect their medication.

The member should contact the Unity Health call centre on 0861 366 006 and select the option for pre-authorisations. The benefit needs to be pre-authorised by Unity Health before the member can access the benefit.

In most cases the member simply presents their Unity Health membership card and ID to the provider and the provider will submit the claim directly to Unity Health for processing and payment. In isolated cases, if the member did pay the provider directly, they may fill out a reimbursement form and email Unity Health at with all supporting documentation within 6 months from the date of treatment. Unity Health will assess and reimburse the member in respect of all valid claims.

An “emergency” is an event of a sudden, and at the time, unexpected onset of a health condition that requires immediate medical or surgical treatment, where failure to provide medical or surgical treatment would result in serious impairment to bodily functions or serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or would place the person’s life in jeopardy. Examples include heart attacks, strokes.

  1. Call Unity Health call centre on 0861 366 006 or ER24 on 087 135 1248.
  2. ER24 will verify the membership of the person in need of help, whether it be the main member or a dependant.
  3. ER24 will assist the member with advice, and emergency transportation to their nearest in-patient hospital facility.
  4. ER24 will issue the hospital with a guarantee of payment and the member will be admitted for treatment.
  5. Unity Health will then settle the account directly with the hospital, subject to the benefit limitations.