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Our Services

Consumer Legal Assist

Bronze Program

Specific Benefits

• Legal advice on all civil, criminal, and labour matters

• Bail Assist

• Third Party Accident Claims

• Garnishee Order Investigations

• Bad Credit listing Investigation and Clearing Services at Discounted rates

• Grocery e-Coupons

• College Discounts

• Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Based Treatment Discount

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Getting married or divorced? We can assist! 


Make sure all your T’s are crossed and all your I’s are dotted before you sign on that line.

Testaments & Trusts

Make sure your affairs are in order before it is too late!

Road Accidents

Let us do your road accident claim free and effective!

Transfer of Property

Make sure you receive your reward when referring your property transfer to us. You deserve it!

FraUd Application

Let us make sure you are not a fraud victim! 


Let us take care of your fines and pay less!

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